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mds 2020 anunt main

Save the date: On December 10, 2020, MIRSANU.RO transaction journal is hosting MIRSANU DEALMAKERS SUMMIT 2020, an event dedicated to the community of corporate transactions – mergers & acquisitions, financing, capital market transactions and real estate transactions



Dealmakers. Resilience builders. New trendsetters.


On December 10, 2020, MIRSANU.RO transaction journal is hosting MIRSANU DEALMAKERS SUMMIT 2020, an event dedicated to the community of corporate transactions – mergers & acquisitions (M&A), financing, capital market transactions and real estate transactions.





Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) deals have regained the investors’ interest after the disruption induced by the COVID-19 pandemic in this year’s first portion. The deal making scenery is once again buoyant, due to particular interest shown by high-risk appetite investors, such as the private equity funds, who sit on billions-of-Euro-worth of funds freshly collected from investors seeking high returns on investments in emerging markets. A major source of funding for European businesses will be the Green Deal, an EUR1,000 billion financing package for the EU countries in the next 10 years.

Acquisition and investment funding has marked several major transactions on the corporate financing scene. Strategic investors mostly display a cautious attitude, but have shown that they are ready to continue their acquisitions to reach their major targets.

Entrepreneurs are facing challenges in maintaining the value of the businesses they have created and in steering their enterprises towards new sources of growth. A new wave of ventures is rising based on the trend centered on the online delivery of increasingly more services. In this context, two types of businesses are in the spotlight – companies with a resilient business model proven following multiple economic crises and cycles, and companies ready to scale investment opportunities as a result of the changes in the labor market and consumer behaviour.


  • Who will find the winning opportunities in the new context created by the Covid-19 crisis?
  • When do buyers have the upper hand in transactions? And when do sellers?
  • What are the entrepreneurs’ strategies to preserve the added value of their business in times like these?




  • ONLINE format
  • TARGET AUDIENCE – the community of entrepreneurs, investors, private equity managers, institutional investors, executives, bankers, investment bankers, advisors, lawyers
  • AREAS OF INTEREST – corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), corporate financing, capital market transactions, real estate transactions, other types of corporate transactions
  • DATE – 12/10/2020



Speaker’s profile

  • Business leaders
  • Decision-makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private equity managers
  • Top managers
  • Investment bankers
  • Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Advisors
  • Investors


Main topics

  • New trends emerging as a consequence of the changing economic framework
  • Where can entrepreneurs find capital for growing their businesses?
  • Which business models are resilient to economic cycle changes and adverse market conditions
  • Which businesses have quick scaling potential against the wave of changes in the labor market and in consumer behaviour
  • Which sectors expect major deals
  • Evolution of indicators for the mergers & acquisitions (M&A) market
  • Who gets major financing from new loans on the banking market
  • Developments in the real estate deals and yields
  • Latest trends in the capital market transactions



Why attend

  • Be connected to the decisions and trends that shape the investor behaviour
  • Who buys and who exits
  • Learn what is happening with the real estate returns
  • Who finances what, where is fresh money coming from?
  • Which business models are immune to adverse market climates
  • Which businesses are on the rise after the reset of the economy due to COVID-19
  • Directly expand your network of professional contacts and business opportunities in a targeted environment


If you are interested in attending or being an event partner of MIRSANU DEALMAKERS SUMMIT 2020, please contact us at:

The event may be attended based on an invitation or subject to a EUR 200 attendance fee.




MIRSANU.RO is the first Romanian media product consisting of news, analyses, interviews and opinions exclusively addressing transactions and industry professionals. We provide information on three main areas – mergers & acquisitions (M&A), financing and capital market transactions.

MIRSANU.RO is a B2B (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS) media product exclusively targeting executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and funders, as well as a B2P (BUSINESS TO PROFESSIONALS) product, with information addressing the activity of the professional mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and overall deal making community, consisting of investment fund managers, lawyers, bankers, investment bankers, strategy consultants, auditors, as well as other transaction-related professional service providers.

mds 2020 anunt main

Jurnalul de tranzactii MIRSANU.RO organizeaza pe 10 decembrie evenimentul online MIRSANU DEALMAKERS SUMMIT 2020 pentru jucatorii din tranzactii – fuziuni si achizitii, finantari corporative, piete de capital si imobiliare


Dealmakers. Resilience builders. New trendsetters.


Jurnalul de tranzactii MIRSANU.RO organizeaza pe 10 decembrie 2020 MIRSANU DEALMAKERS SUMMIT 2020, eveniment dedicat comunitatii formate in jurul tranzactiilor corporative – fuziuni si achizitii, finantari, tranzactii pe pietele de capital, tranzactii pe piata imobiliara.



  • Tranzactiile de fuziuni si achizitii au revenit in atentia investitorilor dupa o perioada de blocaj indusa de aparitia pandemiei COVID 19 in prima parte a acestui an. Peisajul tranzactional este din nou dinamic, pe fondul unui interes venit in special din partea investitorilor cu apetit de risc cum este cazul fondurilor de investitii, care scaneaza oportunitati de multiplicare a miliardelor de euro bani proaspetistransi de la investitorii ce cauta randamente superioare in investitii pe pietele emergente. O sursa de bani importanta pentru afacerile din Europa in anii urmatori va fi constituita de Green Deal, un pachet de finantare de 1.000 mld. Euro pentru statele UE in urmatorii 10 ani.


  • Finantarile de achizitii si de investitii au marcat cateva tranzactii importante pe scena finantarilor corporative. Investitorii strategici in cea mai mare parte afiseaza o atitudine de precautie, dar au aratat ca sunt pregatiti sa isi continue achizitiile pentru a-si atinge tintele majore.


  • Antreprenorii se confrunta cu provocari pentru mentinerea valorii create in afacerile pe care le conduc si de a-si orienta afacerile catre noi resurse de crestere. Un nou val de afaceri se ridica pe tendintele care au in centru consumul online a tot mai multor servicii. In acest context, doua tipuri de afaceri sunt in centrul scenei – firmele cu un model de afaceri rezilient demonstrat in urma mai multor crize si cicluri economice si firmele pregatite sa scalezeoportunitati de investitiiaparute ca urmare a schimbarii trendurilor pe piata muncii si a consumului.


  • Cine va gasi oportunitatile castigatoare in noul context provocat de criza Covid 19?
  • Cand are cumparatorul pozitia dominanta in tranzactii? Dar vanzatorul?
  • Ce strategii au antreprenorii pentru pastrarea valorii create in afacere in astfel de vremuri?



  • FORMAT editie online
  • AUDIENTA – TARGET comunitatea formata din antreprenori, investitori, manageri de fonduri de investitii, investitori institutionali, executivi, bancheri, bancheri de investitii, consultanti, avocati
  • CATEGORIE DE INTERESE strategie corporate, fuziuni si achizitii (M&A), finantari corporative, tranzactii pe pietele de capital, tranzactii real estate, alte tipuri de tranzactii corporative
  • DATA 10.12.2020




Profil speakeri


  • Lideri in afaceri
  • Decisionmakers
  • Antreprenori
  • Manageri de capital privat
  • Top manageri
  • Bancheri de investitii
  • Bancheri
  • Avocati
  • Consultanti
  • Investitori


Principalele topicuri


  • Ce tendinte noi se formeaza sub efectul schimbarii cadrului economic
  • De unde pot antreprenorii accesa capital de crestere pentru afacerile lor
  • Ce modele de afaceri sunt reziliente la schimbarea ciclurilor economice si climate adverse de piata
  • Ce afaceri au potential rapid de scalare pe valul schimbarilor de pe piata muncii si a consumului
  • In ce sectoare sunt asteptate mari tranzactii
  • Evolutia indicatorilor pe piata de fuziuni si achizitii
  • Cine atrage marile finantari cu credite noi de pe piata bancara
  • Evolutiatranzactiilor si a randamentelor in real estate
  • Ultimele tendinte pe piatatranzactiilor din piata de capital


De ce sa participi


  • Fii conectat la deciziile si tendintele care modeleaza comportamentul investitorilor
  • Cine cumpara si de unde se fac exituri
  • Afla ce se intampla cu randamentele de pe piata imobiliara
  • Cine finanteaza si ce, de unde vin bani proaspeti in piata
  • Ce modele de afaceri sunt imune la climate ostile de piata
  • Ce afaceri sunt pe noul val de cresteredupa resetarea economiei sub efectul COVID 19
  • Extinde-ti direct reteaua de contacte profesionale si oportunitatile de afaceri intr-un mediu targetat



Cei interesați să participe sau să fie parteneri ai evenimentului MIRSANU DEALMAKERS SUMMIT 2020 sunt invitați să ne contacteze la

Accesul la eveniment se face pe baza de invitatie sau pe baza unei taxe de participare de 200 Euro.




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